Can Chickens Eat Mustard Greens? Cooked or Raw?

mustard greens and watercress ready to eat

Have you ever wanted to give your pet chickens something extra tasty and nutritious? Mustard greens are incredibly healthy for humans, but can chickens eat them too? Well, yes, chickens can eat mustard greens!

Whether cooked or raw, mustard greens have the potential to be a great addition to any chicken’s diet (crackers? not so much).

In this post, we’ll explore what benefits chickens can get from eating mustard greens, which cooking methods may make them easier to eat if your poultry friends don’t prefer them raw and whether they need to eat in moderation.

So let’s dive in and discover if raising a flock will benefit from adding these veggies into their meals!


What Are Mustard Greens?

Mustard greens are a leafy green vegetable grown in the same family as cabbage, Brussels sprouts, and kale. The leaves are deep green, slightly crinkled, and have an earthy flavor similar to arugula or spinach.

The stems can also be eaten but are usually more bitter than the leaves. While these greens are commonly used in Asian cuisine, they can also be cooked up similarly to other greens like kale or collards.

Are Mustard Greens Good for Chickens?

Yes! Mustard greens provide chickens with much-needed vitamins and minerals — such as iron, calcium, and vitamin A — that help keep chickens healthy and boost their egg production.

They can also act as an appetite stimulant, a great way to get your hens eating if they’ve gone off their feed for any reason.

As with most green leafy vegetables, mustard greens are low in calories which is important when feeding chickens since, at times, they tend to pack on the pounds quickly!

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Benefits of Adding Mustard Greens to a Chicken’s Diet

Due to high levels of vitamins A and C and calcium, magnesium, and potassium, adding mustard greens to a chicken’s diet provides many health benefits, including aiding digestion and improving egg production.

It is also known for helping improve bone density, reducing the risk of fractures in older birds while increasing their overall energy levels.

Finally, mustard greens are believed to help fight off certain diseases like avian flu due to their natural anti-inflammatory properties. It does all this while providing necessary vitamins and minerals that help keep chickens healthy overall.

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Mustard greens are believed to help fight off certain diseases like avian flu due to their natural anti-inflammatory properties.

How to Feed Mustard Greens to Chickens

Mustard greens can be fed both cooked and raw – whichever you prefer!

If you choose to feed your chickens raw mustard greens, cut them into small pieces so that the hens don’t choke on them or become overwhelmed by too large of portion size at once.

Also, you may want to mix the mustard greens with other vegetables, such as carrots or celery, for added nutritional value and variety in their diet.

If you decide to feed them cooked mustard greens instead (which is often preferred because it’s easier to digest), lightly steam or sauté them with some butter or oil until the leaves begin wilting. Then add them to your bird’s feed dish and watch them gobble it up!

Best Practices When Feeding Backyard Chickens Mustard Greens

When introducing new foods into your backyard flock’s diet – particularly ones like mustard greens or fennel – it’s essential not only to monitor how much they eat but also how often you give it out so they do not become too accustomed to one type of food over another over time (this helps prevent nutrient deficiencies).

When giving cooked mustard greens, ensure all pieces have cooled down before serving; otherwise, it could potentially cause severe burns inside their mouths!

Finally, always remember that moderation should be practiced when offering any leafy green vegetable — including beet greens — whether cooked or raw. Too much at once could lead to digestive issues, so use wisdom when deciding portion sizes daily.


Yes, chickens can eat mustard greens!

As we learned, mustard greens are a nutritious, leafy green vegetable containing vitamins A and C, calcium, and iron.

Not only are they suitable for chickens, but they also offer some great benefits, like improved egg production and stronger bones.

Mustard greens are a great option if you want to add more variety to your chickens’ diet. Just introduce them slowly, and follow the best practices for feeding backyard chickens outlined in this post.